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Recording and audio mixing engineer working with a recording console
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Audio engineer using Avid Pro Tools


Born and raised in sunny island Singapore, Yang is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, serving as the Studio Manager/Staff Engineer at The Aggregate Studios, consisting of acclaimed studios such as Virtue and Vice Studio, Rift Studios and Greylock Records.

He also serves as an audio engineer for the renowned producer, session musician and songwriter, Jerry Barnes.

Having graduated from the famed Berklee College of Music, majoring in Music Production and Engineering, and benefitting from the continuous learning of the music industry masters such as Anthony 'Rocky' Gallo, Tom Gardner, Ben Talmi and Jerry Barnes, Yang is growing to be a producer/engineer of his own right. 

He has worked with high profile, grammy awarded and nominated clients such as Shunzo Ohno, Maurice Brown, Jake Ezra Schwartz, Sherrod Barnes, as well as established local bands and artists such as Careerboy, Ghostbound, Microcorgi, Gadee and many more.

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Audio engineer, recording with mixing console


Audio engineer in recording studio working on music production



Taking your demos to new heights


Quality in-studio or mobile recordings with high-end gear


Punchy, clear, dynamic, radio-ready mixes


Bringing your mix up to a competitive loudness and adding improvements to the mix through a fresh pair of ears

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Audio engineer in recording studio working on music production
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